25 February, 2009

A Fun Day in the Sun {Angelica Datuin} Artistic Photography

“Rain Rain Go Away, Please Come Back Another Day.” I continuously said that phrase throughout last week until it reached Friday, because that was when mother nature was listening to me and brought out the sun. I was filled with happiness and energy running through my veins! I was in the spirit of just wanting to relax […]

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Angelica Datuin, Laguna Beach, Kevin Le Vu Photography
20 February, 2009

Eduardo and Maria { Wedding } Artistic Photography

What did you do for Valentine’s Day Kevin? Last Saturday (Feb. 14, 2009) , i spent my Valentine’s day photographing Eduardo and Maria along with Natalie Williams. The ceremony was held at a really nice church located in Santa Ana. The weather was vastly perfect. After the ceremony, we sailed our way to Disneyland California Adventure […]

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Eduardo and Maria Wedding , Kevin Le Vu Wedding Photographer, Disneyland
13 February, 2009

Natalie Williams Artistic Photography

Being in the realm of photography, the years sure went by quickly. I remember where it first started when i bought my Olympus SLR camera. It was hilarious how small of an SLR it was. The quality wasn’t that great, but it got the job done for just shooting about anything in my room. = […]

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Natalie Williams, Kevin Le Vu Photography