About Us

In 2009 we started this adventure together.
I could talk about how we first started and what it took to get here. But really, all that matters is the moment of now.
Which is fleeting. Moments are beautifully leaving us all the time.
Kevin and I created something special that rises above just doing business together or just photographing together. We created a legacy that transcends what we could accomplish alone and truly inspires us to be our best and produce the best.

Anyone can shoot a picture. But no one can reproduce the foundation we have created. The inner workings of a business that has become a lifestyle for us, has pushed and pulled us to become the best people we can be.
Everyday is an opportunity to be more creative, more effective and tell the stories we want to tell. Our company allows us to do what we do best:

SneakPeek-31Working together isn’t an easy task. In fact, it really challenges us.
But without this pressure to be better, we wouldn’t be able to create something unique.
Diamonds are created under pressure. And after all this time, that pressure has definitely created something precious.
For us, it’s important to respect and understand our strengths and weaknesses. So we tailored our work to suit us.

I couldn’t get Kevin to step away from a camera for more than a week. While I excel at the helm behind the scenes creating and maintaining our base for him to come home to.
We pour 110% passion, heart and love into our work together.
We hope that you share our love for art, creativity and emotion.
From us to you,
Kevin & Megan



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