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Jenna | About KLV Photography

Jenna Pangan

Lead Photographer & Client Relations

Photography grew into a love that blossomed with every interaction, each one its own unique love story. The best part, documenting their moments in the quietly intimate and large-scale landscape. Working alongside my sister and brother-in-law proved to be the only environment worthy of the amount of hours and care. It’s a nurturing yet driving force, compelling one another to do our best and celebrate each other’s wins. Sometimes people say what we’ve achieved is a dream. It’s better than a dream. It’s my reality and a refreshing slice of what’s yet to come!

Photojournalistic Photographer, Lover of candid moments and editorial style, Nurturing and Social Soul, also called a grandpa for fashion aesthetic, Work addict, Black coffee drinker, plant mama, scotch neat

Meg Le Vu | About KLV Photography

Meg Le Vu

Web Development & Team Manager

I’ve worn many hats, but my place has evolved into managing happiness. Running a business for 99% of our relationship together has given me the voice I never knew I had, and awakened a passion for creativity I only hope to share with my team and whatever I might find myself in. The road has been long, but in reality we’re only getting started.

Specialty coffee roaster and dog mama. Always searching for a better system to do things. Playstation gamer and outdoorswoman. Love to work and play hard.

Kevin Le Vu | About KLV Photography

Kevin Le Vu

Lead Photographer & Founder

If you would have told me 10 years ago that Id’ be a successful photojournalistic photographer in Southern California, documenting 500+ weddings, traveling to all hidden gems nationwide, doing what I love everyday of the week with a talented team- I would’ve called you a dreamer. Graduating from Cal State Fullerton with a Bachelor’s in Science. I clearly did not see myself as an artist at first. Then I purchased my first camera. Dabbled into landscape, portrait and street photography. Then I met my wife, Meg. We started KLV Photography in 2009. I fell in love with weddings through the connections and experiences I have with each couple. It’s my creative haven where I can express myself. And the rest is history.

Photojournalistic photographer, Proud husband, In-N-Out lover, mountain biker, overlander, self-Driven, adrenaline Junkie, inquisitive, hard-working, and adaptable.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that weddings should be captured in the moment and not acted out. The landscape is just as important in the frame as our couples. Our collections are cinematic and play out like a movie when you revisit them. The best moments are captured in between conscious thought and when you let go. Let our cameras fade into the background and immerse yourself fully in the moment in front of you.

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