We love to offer our clients a hassle-free option for cinematography to deliver that other side of re-living your wedding day for years to come. Our video team is led by Marcus Valerio a seasoned pro in the wedding videography scene and we stand behind his professionalism, quality and turnaround time.

Marcus is a film graduate from Cal State Fullerton and is our lead videographer on the scene. Working with all the latest equipment and software.

Marcus is well experienced in cultural and western ceremonies and the turnaround time for completed projects are always prompt and thorough.
Working with our videography team creates a harmonious experience between photographer and videographer that flows well for clients looking back on their memories.

The Process



Deciding to have your wedding filmed by our team is a great way of adding a new dimension to your wedding memories. Our video team will always focus on telling a complete story that fits your personality. To do this; we send out a questionnaire before your wedding that helps our team get to know and incorporate that into your films.


The Wedding Day

On the wedding day; the video team will work in tandem with the photo team and work to capture all the elements of your day. They are unobtrusive, soft spoken and well coordinated. After the wedding; the footage gets prepped for post production.


Post Production Begins

After the wedding your files are organized and sorted into folders for easy access. As the film of your wedding is slowly put together so begins the arduous process of using hundreds of clips, speeches and music to create something that will instantaneously take you back to your wedding day.


Syncing Footage

Shooting a wedding requires a lot of footage. Like a lot. After the sorting and organizing has been done, the files are then synced. There will be multiple cameras and audio files that need to matched to create a flow that is cinematic and not static. This allows the editing process to go much smoother when creative decisions are to be made.


Putting it together

After all the preparatory things have been done, then finding music based on the couple's likes and available license is chosen and put against the footage that was captured. The process of choosing music is very time consuming as we try to match the likes of the couple to fit the story and video just right.


Advanced Processing

After the bulk of the film is made; more advanced processes take place. Each clip is color corrected so that it looks great from one shot to the next. The audio is processed so that it sounds the best, minimizing any background noise or disruptions.



After about 3-4 months your film(s) are delivered to you via direct download. And from all the pre-planning, song choosing, editing and correcting you have something that you can watch and share with friends and family forever. Thank you for choosing us and understanding the work it takes to create your films!

Video team in action


Highlight Films

3-4 minutes long of the best highlights of your day put together with your preferred music genre and tone.

Feature Films

12-15 minutes long featuring longer elements of your day, including speeches, vows, ceremony, etc.

Full Ceremony

Reception Speeches